Be honest. Does your definition of a millennial include, “spoiled, entitled, lazy and/or tech-obsessed?” Although these characteristics are frequently attributed to Generation Y, millennials at large are defying these misconceptions on a daily basis. Here are four reasons why millennials are not as bad as you think!




Millennials Bring Fresh Energy and Ideas to Companies:   As the most educated workforce in history, millennials are thrilled to be out of the classroom and into the working world where they can finally put their skills to use. Far from lazy, millennials are eager to gain experience and prove themselves and their work ethic while injecting positivity and enthusiasm into their environments.








Millennials Are Not Haters:   Millennials represent the most diverse generation ever. Accordingly, their definition of “diversity” and “inclusion” are more than just buzzwords but rather, represent what millennials view as essential and key to achieving success in the business world. Millennials tend to define diversity and inclusion as “the support for a collaborative environment which values open participation from individuals with different ideas and perspectives.” In today’s diverse world and steadily increasing global economy, it’s hard to argue against millennials’ ideas of inclusion and diversity and the most up-to-date workplaces are placing great efforts in taking diversity as seriously as millennials do.





Millennials Are Tech Savvy:   Still using Myspace?? Have questions about Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or the latest social media platform? Ask a millennial! Millennials grew up entirely with technology and are likely to introduce new apps, software or processes that help any company increase efficiency and productivity. Gen Y’s demand for usability and ease of technology may also inspire an update to current products and services resulting in more customer satisfaction and retention. It’s a win win.







Best Brand Ambassadors:  With the constant snapping, tweeting and posting, positive public exposure from millennials allows organizations to maximize their marketing efforts. Establishing millennials as brand ambassadors can do wonders for a company’s bottom line. Millennials are more connected with their peers than ever before, sharing updates constantly throughout the day. Brands who tap into these powerful conversations, utilize valuable feedback and are amply rewarded as they become integrated into the day-to-day life of millennials.




Photo Credits: WOCintechchat; Ian Schneider

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