How do you build a successful community-funding campaign to raise money for your creative project? Here are the essentials to build and fund your vision on VisionPledge launching next Tuesday, September 27!  We consulted a few NY-based Venture Capitalists and compiled the tip-sheet below to show you how. Whether you want to raise $1,000 or $10,000, you’ll be ready to fund your idea on VisionPledge in no time.

  • So what’s the problem? How will your vision solve it?

Whether you have a vision to end homelessness or you’re trying to raise funding for a one-off arts showcase, let the world know how and why, you/your vision will help solve a specific problem. Often times, we’ll have a brilliant idea, but find it difficult to articulate this vision to others. By answering these two questions, you’re already at the halfway point of helping a potential contributor to see your vision as the right solution.

  • Business Plan or Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck! It’s 2016, while business plans are great, a clear and concise pitch deck, possibly no more than 10 slides, is really all you need to convince someone to make a contribution to support your project/startup. Here’s a good article on putting together a concise pitch deck.  Although sharing your complete pitch deck on your forthcoming campaign is not required, building a pitch deck will definitely help to clarify your short and long-term vision.

  •  Solo Dolo or Team?

A team! Who’s on your team?  Sure, the vision may start with you, but in order to successfully get it off the ground, you’ll need a team, even if your team is comprised of volunteers, interns, or friends, potential contributors will want to know who’s on your winning team. How will they add value, expertise and morale, while bringing the vision to life?  Be ready to list your team members when building your campaign on VisionPledge.

  • What market are you addressing? How will the funding be used?

Who makes up your target market or demographic? How well do you know their needs? Have you surveyed them? Does your vision meet their needs? Why are you tackling this specific market and in the best case scenario, what will happen if everything goes according to plan and you raise ‘X’ dollars to take your vision to the next level?  What will that money go towards: an accountant, a lawyer, etc.? These are a few questions, your potential supporters may want to know in order to contribute to your campaign.

  • How can VisionPledge and our Community Partners help?

We’re teaming up with a few amazing Community Partners to offer vision-mentoring, financial educational tools, perks and resources to help nurture your vision. At this stage of your startup/project/vision, aside from funding, what do you need help with the most? What  small business topics can VisionPledge’s community partners cover that will be most helpful to you? Email us,

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