It’s the start of a new year and you’ve proclaimed 2016 as “your year.” No more procrastinating. It’s time to take that idea and actually do something with it. If you’re hesitant to start because you don’t have funds, not to mention you owe thousands

of dollars in student loan debt, no worries, this a perfectly normal feeling.  But let’s place those thoughts to the side for now.  Start to shift your focus instead to what it is you can potentially gain by pursuing your goals.

Use the resources below along with our Free 2016 VisionBoard Calendar to take your idea from abstract concept to concrete vision.


Pantheon  After you decide on a couple possible names for your vision, narrow it down by checking to see if these potential names are currently in use by another business.  Research the final domain name and a few web-hosting options. Pantheon hosts WordPress and Drupal sites and boasts of the “fastest hosting on the planet.”


Ash Guru Free Stock Images This compilation of free stock image sites put together by a UK-based web developer, features everything from nature and people to landmarks and lifestyle images for personal or commercial usage, perfect for websites, blogs and more.


HootSuite Content is king. Providing consistent content is key.  Set up your social media accounts and schedule postings via the simple and user-friendly Hootsuite.


MailChimp Distribution is queen. You’re building an audience and they’re now fully engaged with your brand. Hone in on your potential clients and customers with custom email distribution via MailChimp.


Medium Become an authority in your industry. Publish articles related to your vision or cause and branch out into a community of like-minded peers on Medium.


Docsend Distribute important paperwork or sales materials on Docsend and track who accesses your documents and when, along with more real-time analytics.


Asana Teamwork makes the vision work.  This platform founded by two Facebook alums helps you manage multiple tasks in a streamlined format. Keep the team organized and maintain efficiency with this helpful startup tool.


Uberconference This handy app allows users to set up conference calls without the hassle of a pin. Plus it offers screen-sharing options and social profiles for each team member.


Calm When it feels like sh*t’s about to hit the fan and you just need a minute, find your inner peace and meditate to the soothing sounds on this site. Self-care is essential for everyone.


They say it takes six months for an idea to go from initial learning to muscle memory. In as little as 180 days, you can transform your life and create your vision. Not sure where to start? We’ve made it simple.  Print your 2016 VisionBoard Calendar, place it up in your home, and follow the tips on each page!  Be sure to only focus on the present month’s tasks–no skipping ahead.  Now all you have to do is the actual work.  Good luck! Download your free 6-month, 2016 VisionBoard x VisionPledge Calendar and get started on your vision today.


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