Content marketing — videos, blog posts, social publishing, info graphics, images, etc.— is your best friend online.  It’s used throughout the entire marketing process from attracting web visitors to retaining customers.  If you’re not creating a 1-to-1 connection between your content and customer, your content will fall short of your objective.


Enter Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is your ideal customer that wants your product or service.  It’s a profile with several attributes to help you tailor your content and marketing efforts.  

Alternatively, it can be used as a disqualifier tool — describing someone that isn’t a good fit for your business.   (If you find this type of person, don’t waste time or energy engaging with them.)

It helps your marketing process to give your persona a name and several attributes, as if they’re a real person.  Here’s a basic buyer profile used to create content for young entrepreneurs.




Above, you will see several attributes that should be used across all relevant marketing platforms to create a genuine connection including background, demographics, identifiers, goals and challenges. This information is implied or used explicitly in your communications to demonstrate empathy and knowledge of your customers goals and challenges.


How Do You Create a Buyer Persona for Your Vision?

  1.  Look through your contact database and identify trends.  Any similarities? 
  2.  How did they find you online?  Social Media?  Blog post? Web form?  Anything particular about those channels?
  3.  Talk to your team, especially your sales members.  What similarities are they encountering?
  4.  Interview customers and prospects.  This can be formal, like focus group studies or informal, at social gatherings.
  5.  What content are your leads/customers sharing on social media?  This offers a huge clue into the type of content they consume and the content you should create on your website.


You have a complete buyer profile when you can predict your customer’s answers.  Alternatively, one company may have two or more buyer personas.  For instance, if you’re a non-profit organization, I would expect for you to have two profiles: one for your target market and one for your donors.  The language, tone, and content should be different because you have different goals.

Happy connecting! Good luck getting to know your customers!

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