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Who is VisionPledge?

We are a small but amazing diverse team working remotely out of Brooklyn, New York and beyond. Our vision is to help all millennials have a fair opportunity to pursue their goals regardless of racial or socio-economic backgrounds. Helping a vision come to life is our ultimate mission. Interested in doing the same? Join our team or follow VP on social media!

What does VisionPledge do to foster a community?

VisionPledge connects the public to underrepresented and underserved millennials, who have achieved measurable success despite student loan debt with the potential to achieve more. Individual Visionaries are responsible for completing a project and keeping supporters up to date on project progress once a campaign ends. Visionaries sign on to VisionPledge with an understanding that they will fund their creative project, small business, or use funding for potential startup costs. Donors are investing in the vision of these creators. Together, we are building and investing in the future that we’d like to be apart of, therefore we stress the importance of integrity and honesty while creating and backing projects.

Does VisionPledge guarantee projects?

No, VisionPledge does not guarantee projects. All projects are the independent creations of the visionaries.

How do I report a copyright violation?

Get a second opinion and consult a lawyer to determine if your material is being infringed. Next attempt to contact the Visionary directly via their page or email VisionPledge to facilitate a meeting.

What is a visionary?

At VisionPledge, a visionary refers to anyone who successfully builds and attaches a funding goal to a project campaign on the site.

What is a Supporter?

A Supporter is anywho who pledges money to support a visionary’s project.

What does a Supporter receive after donating to a Visionary’s project?

VisionPledge is a charitable organization. Therefore supporters can opt in or opt out of receiving rewards from a visionary once a campaign has ended. Any rewards given by a visionary are optional.

What is a Community Partner?

A Community Partner is a company/organization that’s partnered with VisionPledge to offer all visionaries vision-mentoring, small business advising or perks to help with your vision.

What is a Community Sponsor?

A Community Sponsor is a company/ organization that has contributed funding to a visionary’s project, by sponsoring all people that have created projects in a respective category.

What happens after a Visionary’s project campaign ends?

The Visionary uses the funds raised to take their vision to the next level. For most projects, a visionary will share what the funding is going towards on their page. Visionaries will also keep supporters up to date via social media, email, and/or featured update articles on the VisionPledge Blog.

What happens if a project doesn’t meet its funding goal?

At VisionPledge, we understand that every dollar counts. So whether you’re raising funds for a creative project or startup, you’re entitled to all funds raised. Regardless of your funding goal and yes, even if you raise $50 to $100, you get to keep all of it (less payments fees, see below).

Speaking of fees, what does VisionPledge receive?

VisionPledge is a registered 501c3 non-profit, for purpose venture. VP receives a 5% nominal fee from each project campaign. Fees for payment processing are also deducted.

Does VisionPledge issue refunds to Supporters?

No, VisionPledge does not issue refunds. Donors who’ve supported visionaries should be in touch with visionaries independently.

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