Visionaries, now that your website is running and you’re about to build your fundraising campaign on VisionPledge BETA at the end of the month, it’s time to start generating more traffic and converting them into leads. Your main tools for the job:  creating content via writing blogs, optimizing your website with keywords, and publishing content to social media websites.    Measure Your Web Traffic Before we begin, you need to measure web traffic to determine if your efforts are generating success.  Any application that can tell where traffic comes from will do.  One free option is Google analytics and it’s super easy to setup.   Let’s start with blogging. Blogging, Content is King A blog—a regularly updated website or web page written in an informal or conversational style—does double duty for your brand awareness.  It educates web visitors and it’s a key factor in pushing your website to the top of search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.   A few blogging guidelines:

  • Publish Original Compelling Content to Your Website Once a Week—most content management systems, like WordPress, makes this intuitive.
  • Write Guest Blog Posts On Other Websites—Users who find your content relevant may click through to your website to learn more about your brand
  • Limit Your Blog Posts to One Topic per Post—Introduce one topic and stick to it.  If you introduce a second idea, develop a new blog post.
  • Write about relevant topics in your industry, not your products, company, or services.  Topic Ideas:
    • Get topic ideas from existing customers,  FAQS, or your sales team
    • Look at your competitors blog topics
    • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask: “What are my most pressing concerns?”

SEO Keywords, Get Found on Google There are billions of online searches every day.  You want to make sure users are clicking through to your website. But, where do you start?  Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. You want to make sure relevant keywords about your industry are placed strategically throughout your website.  Some key places include

  • Content Headings—Website titles and paragraph
  • Page Titles
  • Links
  • The alternative text for images on your website

TIP: If you’re focused on addressing your customers needs, you will do this naturally.  The key here is not to force keywords into your website.  Write for readers 1st and your website 2nd.   Additionally, you may be penalized by Google for stuffing your website with keywords.  When in doubt leave it out. Social Publishing Social Media Does Double Duty for Brand Awareness:

  1. Search with Social Media Websites— Websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are equipped with internal search tools and if you have a profile there, your company will come up as a result.  Create relevant social media profiles and publish content regularly so your users can find you.
  2. Social Media in Search Engines—Google, Yahoo, and Bing, will pull your information from your social profiles and list them on the search engine results pages.  Make sure to post relevant to content to your social profiles daily and you’ll have a better chance at being found.

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