So you’ve started a new exercise regimen, you’re transitioning into a healthier diet and even worked a decent amount of meditation time into your schedule; things are looking UP and you’re feeling great and ready to tackle daily challenges and continue working hard to pursue your vision . . . but there is still some fog, things aren’t quite crystal clear and despite all attempted efforts your brain is still a jumbled field of thoughts functioning on overdrive. What now?!?


Did you know that journaling is one of the most effective tools entrepreneurs can use to help sort through and organize their thoughts?


For me this entails heading down to my local Barnes & Nobles and purchasing the most archaic looking notebook I can find on the shelf; for you, it might simply mean whipping out your laptop or making extremely efficient use of the napkin that came wrapped around your morning coffee!


Journaling doesn’t have to be a time consuming process; it can be as simple as jotting down a few daily reflections with the purpose of taking the experiences and ideas that are in your head and placing them into a tangible space. This makes it easier to sort through the mishmash of thoughts you collect throughout the day and has the additional benefit of allowing you as an entrepreneur to connect your thoughts in ways which can yield productivity and growth.



Writing a letter to yourself at the end of each day and recalling how annoyed you were at the extra 30 minutes Kim spent talking in circles during that conference call or how much you actually loathe Leon’s new marketing idea seems like a piece a cake right?


Well yes, but visionary journaling requires you to dig a little deeper and engage in a creative process that allows you to brainstorm effective solutions and explore new lines of thinking. While there is no right or wrong way to journal and regimented daily journaling is not always necessary, visionaries who engage in objective honest reflection will undoubtedly manifest its sweet rewards! Below you will find a series of four simple questions to get you started.





Visionary Journaling Exercise:

On a sheet of paper (laptop or napkin) answer the following questions before you start your day:

  1.      What was something awesome about yesterday?
  2.      What was something that could have been improved yesterday?
  3.      What is something that you are thankful for today?
  4.      What would make today great?

Happy Journaling!



Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

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