Once you’re converting web visitors into leads, your next focus should be email marketing.  With an extremely high return on investment, email marketing is one of the best tools to convert leads into customers.


  • What Content Should I Email?

Your email content depends on your buyer personas—your target customer— and the buyer’s journey—the research someone does before purchasing a product or using a service.  At a minimum, you should have 3 types of content to email your leads—awareness, consideration, and decision content. Each piece is designed to gently guide your leads through your funnel and into a happy customer/supporter.


  • Awareness content is introductory information about a problem or challenge your target customer faces.   It helps someone identify their problem and understand what’s going on.

    Imagine someone has a cough and you’re a health care physician.  Introductory content here will help someone understand what caused the cough.  Is it a common cold, bronchitis or a respiratory infection?   How often are you coughing?  Because you’re an expert in your field or have a passion in this area, you want to help that person get a firm understanding of why they’re coughing.

    For your vision, you’ll want to brainstorm the reasons behind“why” someone wants or needs your product or service.  For more tips, check out our post on buyer personas


  • Consideration content—has to do with your competitors or alternatives that can solve your lead’s challenge.  Most people research before investing time or money and will often shortlist your solution with other ideas.  Help them out by highlighting why your product, service, or idea is the best choice.

    Going with the cough example, our sick person may tell herself:

A) I could buy cough drops

B) I could go to the doctor’s office

C) I could drink tea + honey to suppress my cough

D) I could do nothing and hope this cough passes over


  • Decision content—this is when your lead says: “After all my research, I’m ready to buy or invest in this idea because it’s the right fit for me”.  This is the time for discount coupons and free trial / special offer content to reel them in.

    Keeping with the cough example, you might tell your patient “We will wave your deductible on your first visit,” passing on savings to the lead.


    • You’re email service provider, such as mailchimp, madmimi, constant contact or another service, should allow you to segment your customers based on their journey.  This will prevent you from delivering the wrong content to a prospect, lead, or existing customer.


  • How Often Should I Email?

This depends on your business objectives, but the goal here is to find the right balance.  Email too much and you’ll annoy your leads.  Email too little and your leads will forget about you.  You may consider emailing once a week, once a month, or twice a month.  Let your data help you decide and optimize along the way.


  • How Long Should My Emails Be?

Short and to the point.  Before you start composing your email, it’s great to have a SMART goal. Usually, you want your lead to do something: buy a book, go to your website, register for an upcoming workshop.  Email stats are an empty metric unless you tie them to a goal.  It’s important that you keep your email as short as possible; one goal or clickable link per email.  The only exception is a newsletter because it’s expected to have different pieces of information.


  • Include Relevant Graphics
    People understand graphics faster than we can read text.  Place graphics strategically in your email to help facilitate faster understanding.  Consider placing a header graphic at the top of your email and supporting graphics in the body of your emails.


  • Optimize For Mobile Devices
    Your emails will most likely be read on mobile devices. Most email service providers automatically optimize for mobile but be sure to double-check that you’re using a responsive template that will adjust the following:


    • Call-to-Actions to accommodate large thumbs
    • Fonts sizes that can be read on small screens
    • Layouts with a lot of white space


Send a couple test emails to make sure your emails look great on mobile and desktop and hit Send!  

Good luck Visionaries!


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