We often imagine ourselves in the future, picturing our ideal life, while setting up perfect outcomes as we progress into adulthood. There are so many promises that accompany the premise of higher education, however, what most do not prepare for is the financial aspect. The pursuit of success is attributed to money. The illusion of security and stability is sold to young people through the pursuit of education. Education isn’t in itself the problem, but the lack of financial advice for young people stepping into adulthood fresh out of high school is. If a young person’s guardian is not particularly knowledgeable about finances, it can end up leading them into a financial rut once they graduate. There are also those of us that cling to hopes of a better future through pursuing higher education, who may not have the support of family.  In these instances, we find that the pursuit of wanting better for ourselves, costs us more. Not only is education expensive but there’s a lack of real financial literacy. On the other side of student loan debt is a sense of freedom after the elimination of student loan debt, the vision of a bright future we hope our education will allow us to have and create. We  asked a few people exactly what they would create if they eliminated their student loan debt. Here are some of their answers! (via FaceBook)      “I would make a creativity space in the house…Paint, poems and music space.” – Genesis S.      “Ditto; a way for everyone to get an education for free.” – Nef      “Some peace of mind. Lol and I would love to take ballroom dancing lessons and save more for a house.” – Candace K. S.      “I’d create a better savings account for investment purposes.” – Candace N.      “I would put more of my money in savings. Invest in some tools for my art and graphic design, like drawing tablets and a Mac. Also my student   loans aren’t exactly burdening, just annoying lol.” – Avery B.      “I’d create more books, grow my brand faster, create multiple streams of residual income.” – Alexis P.      “Don’t have the [student loan issue] but [I would] create some way to better help veterans and the homeless.”  – Nkobi G.    What would you create if you didn’t have student loan debt?  What are you creating now? Let us know in the comments or Twitter. (Tag us!)   Image via #WOCintech Chat.

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