How often do you review your student loan repayment strategy? Chances are you may be overlooking a few basic adjustments that will help you in  becoming a debt-free millennial! With one or more of these lifestyle adjustments, you’ll discover how to pay down or pay off your student loan debt sooner rather than later. Split Rent and Utilities Splitting rent and utilities is one of the biggest ways to save money.  Rent in major cities like NYC or LA is sky-high due to a number of factors, including rent hikes. Sharing living expenses with a friend or family member makes it a bit easier on your pockets. Sure, there are pros and cons to living with a roommate, but making this lifestyle adjustment, even if it’s temporary, can also go a long way in saving you cash. If you need help selecting a roommate, check out Freelance or Get a Weekend gig Consider freelancing or getting a weekend job to generate more income.  Nowadays, you can work as a virtual assistant and work remotely from just about anywhere.  Small businesses tend to have the highest need for a digital presence: social media management, blogging, writing, web design, and web development.  Mashable has a great read to get you started. Plan Ahead and Buy Wholesale BJ’s Wholesale Club may become your new bestie!  Take some time to compile a shopping list in advance and stock up at BJ’s or a similar wholesale store.  You’ll get the most value for your money by buying in bulk.  Short on time? Check out online wholesale companies like Jet and Boxed. They’ll deliver straight to your door! Invest in Technology Skills Start beefing up your technology skills! Employees with tech experience and know-how are extremely valuable to corporations and non-profit organizations alike. Learning how to “talk computer” will give you leverage to ask for a raise at your current employer or help your resume stand out from the pack when applying to jobs. Don’t know where to start? Check out this helpful clip on Web Development. Take Public Transportation Yes, really! If you live in a city and have access to public transportation, lose the car and skip the Uber!  You’ll save money when you factor in gas, insurance, maintenance, repairs, fare hikes and more. Utilize public transportation and mass transit to get around town.   Unfortunately, opting out of paying your student loan debt isn’t an option.  So take your additional savings after implementing these tips and pay down your student loan debt in no time. Still have a chunk to pay off and have a vision you want to execute? Use the VisionPledge funding platform launching this summer to pay down or pay off your student loan debt, while working towards your vision. Sign up for your launch notification here and share with a friend!

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