Happy New Year!  We’re kicking off 2017 with the newly revamped Millennial Visionary series!  Meet the first Millennial Visionary of 2017, Antoinette Minor.  Founder of The Young Professionalist  and a graduate of Temple University, Antoinette spoke with VisionPledge about her  vision to help young professionals navigate the workforce by bridging the professional development gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials.



The Young Professionalist


What’s the long-term vision for your business?

I hope to see The Young Professionalist as a resource millennials can use to navigate the workforce. The blog is set up in a way to be an easy and fun read with a lesson attached to it as well. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a 9-5er, I see my business as a place to learn valuable business lessons based on my personal successes, mistakes, and studies.


What was the inspiration that led to your business idea?

When I joined the workforce out of college I noticed a need on the millennial side and a need on the baby boomer side. We go to college to learn a specific field of work or study but there is a serious need for professional development. I would love to see more discussions about real life work issues such as resume preparation, handling office politics, and salary negotiation. Employers and older generations also need to understand millennials and the value we present to the workforce. With that I was inspired to share my journey mostly for young professionals, who can relate to the messages I share so that there is a mutual understanding between the generations.


What do you like the most and least about being an Entrepreneur?

I love the opportunity to carry a vision out from a thought to a business. Its like a rush when I’m putting work into my business. It also feels really good when your business begins to take off after all of the hard work you’ve put in. I love being my own boss too. I also really cherish the learning piece of being an entrepreneur. Through starting my blog I’ve learned a lot about marketing, social media, branding, business, monetizing and the list goes on. I’ve learned more on my own than with professional development in the corporate world.


What are 3 major keys that you’ve learned since starting your entrepreneurship journey?

  1. Success is not just defined by profit. Success can be exposure, recognition and opportunity. One of my proudest moments was just being able to successfully complete a workbook!
  2. You have to build a support team for yourself as an entrepreneur. The team will probably not be family and friends but other entrepreneurs that know the journey. These are the people who will keep you sane when you feel like quitting or become frustrated.
  3. Outsource when you can! There is no way to be 100% on every single thing if you have too much going on. Feel free to ask for help and let it go. You’ll feel much better in the long run.


What upcoming project are you most excited about working on in the new year? 

I have two new things I am working on for 2017. The first is a series of pop-up workshops catered to millennials in collaboration with other great organizations. The first event is called “New Year, New You” which will help all of the attendees achieve their mind, body, finance and business goals for the New Year. The second is my new social media management business, which will help small businesses build and carry out their social media goals. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and learned through working on The Young Professionalist.


How can society better support underrepresented millennial entrepreneurs & visionaries?

I want society to realize there is a lot of value in supporting millennial entrepreneurs of color because we are at the center of American culture and we have significant buying power.  I believe investors should spend time actively seeking entrepreneurs of color to fund because it can be an amazing return on investment with mentoring and the right tools.  African-Americans alone spend billions of dollars supporting the economy every year and it’s expected to grow.  Imagine a young entrepreneur who is able to have investors back their business that can impact their community as well? It would be beneficial on both ends.


Visit Antoinette over at The Young Professionalist for more!



What’s a Millennial Visionary’? It’s any millennial-aged person with a vision to change the world for the better.  Your story deserves a place to be shared and your vision celebrated. Here, we share your story raw, transparent and #unfiltered.  If you’d like to be featured in this series, email  us: community @ visionpledge.org


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