“Embrace Your Inner Royalty,” declares Stephanie Voong, The Social Media Queen™.  A proud Syracuse alum, Stephanie has embraced her passion and managed to turn it into profit.  The Millennial Visionary and entrepreneur currently works with small to mid-size businesses, crafting and implementing custom social media  strategies.  She’s also co-authored, The Art of Activation, contributing her own personal tactics in pursuing personal, professional, and global purpose. Check out #SocialMediaQueen or #SocialMediaRoyalty on Twitter and follow her @stephanievoong. Below Stephanie details how she built her business from the ground up and the vision behind her purpose. Name:  Stephanie Voong, The #SocialMediaQueen™

Student Loan Debt: 5 figures; I haven’t paid it off because I use my income to reinvest into my business. Vision:  I launched my social media company 3 years ago. Right now I’m working with health/wellness and luxury brands. I am working towards focusing more on social media strategy for events where my company offers “live social media coverage” at events. My vision for the company is to expand into a digital marketing agency in the next few years, where I have an awesome team of digital marketers with experiences from different industries. But who knows where I’ll take this company in the next year, the next 3…5 years. I love social media marketing, but I do know that I have some other businesses I would like to launch as well. Inspiration:  I’ve always been a rebel. Following others and doing what others do makes me uncomfortable. I’ve always chosen the harder path to get to where I want to be. I learn best from experiences. My inspiration behind my company was that I found that most business owners didn’t enjoy social media because either they didn’t understand it or they didn’t have the time to do it. I became known as The #SocialMediaQueen™ early on before I even decided to start a social media company. I knew there were other social media experts doing what I was doing so I thought about how to stand out. So I branded myself as The #SocialMediaQueen™ and it’s been stuck with me ever since. I found there was a need, started taking on clients, and then built my business. My inspiration really is to help as many people that I can to understand the power of social media and teach them the best strategies where they become experts in their own industries across social media.
Looking back now, what would you say to yourself as a College Freshman:
I’m so proud of you Stephanie. You didn’t know what the hell you were doing at snowy Syracuse as a 17-year-old girl from the Bay area, but you’ve found your purpose in life. Thanks for following your gut and always dreaming BIG.

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