Hi, I’m Michael and I recently joined the VisionPledge team this year. One of the main reasons I joined is because I am concerned with the rising cost of education and how student loans affect the quality of life for post-graduates. I graduated college in May 2007 with $35K+ in student loans and had a few challenges:

  •  •I wanted to attend graduate school but couldn’t afford it.
  •   I wasn’t able to find a job related to my degree.
  •  My student loan grace period was about to expire and soon had to make repayments.

After speaking to a few alumni in my graduating class, I learned we all had similar experiences—huge debt, no job, and compromised goals.  That’s when I realized there was a much larger problem and I returned to my college to share my experiences. My new goal was to educate students about life after college and how student loans can put a damper on their personal and professional goals.  I worked in the career services office and conducted one-on-ones and periodically returned for alumni events to share my story. Shortly after, I met the VisionPledge team to help with their digital efforts.  We look forward to collectively helping our peers get out of debt.

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