Between co-working spaces, business meetings and chatting up ideas over cocktails and apps, entrepreneurs are often times left with little time for fine dining. We’re constantly faced with food choices while not fully realizing the value of maintaining healthy even habits . . . even on the go!  But the food we eat provides the energy and fuel we need to keep our bodies running and those ideas flowing. Here are 3 tips to help you make wiser choices and keep you energized for success!


1. Boost Your Energy: Coffee, Red Bull, 3 extra shots of espresso – all go-tos for entrepreneurs seeking a quick pick me up to make it through that next meeting or prepare for that important pitch. Mother nature, however, has provided us with far better choices without the crash to give you that energy boost you need.  


  • Almonds provide a perfectly balanced fat and protein and give you a long-burning energy boost minus the caffeine jitters or sugar rush.
  • If you need something sweet, blueberries are a great alternative to sugary drinks or candy and are packed with antioxidants.
  • Thanks to their capsaicin content peppers give you an energy rush and boost your metabolism. Don’t be afraid to mix it up; sliced green, yellow and/or red peppers make a great snack and also add some zest to any salad!  

2. Endurance Enhancers: Let’s face it, sometimes there’s just not enough time for lunch; however, incorporating these foods into your breakfast will help you perform over the long haul on those days when skipping lunch might be necessary.


  • The ultimate superfood, quinoa contains carbohydrates, protein and all nine amino acids. This wonder grain will help you ward off hunger and keep you full longer.
  • Like quinoa, chia seeds are protein packed and help keep your hunger at bay. They are perfect for sprinkling into yogurt or blending into a smoothie.
  • Last but definitely not least is the wonderful avocado. Yes, we know the fat content is up there, but it helps keep you full longer! Plus with the extra benefits of vitamin C, K and B6, you can’t go wrong. Try slicing some avocado on toast for breakfast if you know you’re not going to have a timely lunch.


3. Relaxation Promoters: We’ve all tried turning our brains off after a long day . . . often times to no avail! When you need a little help winding down try some of the suggestions below.


  • If stress is what’s keeping you up, grab some dark chocolate and let its combination of serotonin, magnesium and dopamine sooth your worries and taste buds.
  • Oh honey . . . no really, combine honey with natural sleep aid chamomile and a cup of tea and you’re all set for a great night’s sleep.
  • While numerous people take melatonin to help with sleep, cherries are a great natural source for this sleep-regulating substance and taste great too!


Being an entrepreneur involves more than just business sense . . . make sure you make smart choices across the board and especially when it comes to your health.

Follow these tips to make sure your body and brain are performing at their best and let the results speak for themselves!


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